Coronavirus statement

(Updated 12/2020)

We understand that this is a significant concern to our customers, and have prepared this information to outline our approach to the threat posed to our staff and customers.

As things are changing on a near daily basis, we will keep abreast of developments and adjust our policies based on the information below.  When appropriate we will update this page.

As a company we are dedicated to running your events and ensuring that, despite the outbreak, young people do not miss out on highly valuable and enjoyable outdoor learning experiences.  We have developed a range of replacement local day only expeditions, and activities that can be delivered at your venue.  We have successfully worked with 1500 students in recent months delivering Covid secure DofE expeditions (on a day only basis), Team Building activities, and have been able to provide daily alternative curriculums to our clients in the care sector.

At present the government are advising that residential school trips should not go ahead, and they are developing a ‘road map to recovery’ for the outdoor education sector.  We are pleased to report that we are expecting to reintroduce our residential events from Easter 2021.

We invite clients to book with confidence, knowing that residential bookings are covered by the Tour Operator Regulations, that any deposits paid are held in a trust account and will not be lost in the event of events being cancelled as a result of the pandemic continuing.

What are we doing to help manage the situation?

  • We have reviewed all our policies to ensure they are robust and follow the advice provided.
  • We have secured the cleaning and hygiene resources to be able to ensure we can maintain and increase our existing hygiene standards.
  • We will be providing additional hand washing facilities on our events.
  • Our staff have been informed not to attend work if they are ill or have been in close contact with others who have the virus.
  • All activity equipment will be thoroughly disinfected or left unused for 72 hours between events.
  • Additional cleaning will take place throughout our events, and between users
  • We will be promoting hand washing and increased personal hygiene
  • We will be providing a quarantine facility on each residential event for the immediate separation of anyone showing symptoms.

What will we expect you to do to help?

  • We are asking all individuals to be responsible and
    • Not to attend events if they are ill, or had recent contact with others who are ill.
    • To bring a personal supply of hand sanitizer to events
    • To follow improved hygiene procedures

Is there an increased risk when I’m with you?

  • There is minimal additional risk whilst you are on our events and it has been mentioned that being outdoors is one of the lower risk environments.
  • We are fairly isolated at our venues and you will normally only interact with those attending the event.
  • For schools groups:
    • There is very little difference from being in school.
    • You will be required to ask those attending to self-certify themselves as virus free before attending the event.
  • For individuals:
    • We will follow best practice with regards to any accommodation offered.
    • Attendees will have been asked to self-certify themselves virus free before attending the event.

What happens if I / someone is suspected to be ill on the event?

  • All those present on events and demonstrating symptoms of illness will be provided with a mask and quarantined. They will be required to return home.
  • Should there be any concern about anyone on the event all parents will be informed immediately and have the option to collect their children.
  • After leaving the event all those present will be expected to follow the government advice at the time, currently to monitor and isolate if symptoms develop.
  • If testing of anyone on an event confirms that corona virus was present then the risk to each individual attending the event will be assessed and government guidance provided to each individual based on the risk posed to them.

Might the virus effect the event?

  • We will do everything possible to minimise the effect on your event.
  • The safety and welfare of participants will always be our priority and will be our first priority and may result in changes being made.
  • If our activity staffing is affected we will discuss it with you, and provide alternative activities.
  • Where certain foods are not available (due to shortages) then alternative meals will be provided which may differ to those advertised.

What if I want to cancel, where do I stand?

In case of cancellation we are pleased to be able to offer the improved cancellation terms detailed below, but only where corona virus can be reasonably claimed as the reason for cancellation.

Individuals (terms unchanged) – Those who have booked (and paid) direct with us rather than through a group / school booking:

Cancellation by you

  • Please see your booking terms and conditions.
  • If you cancel you will forfeit the deposit paid, and possibly still have money owed to us depending on the notice you provide.
  • Your information pack suggested that you take insurance to cover your place.
  • If you cancel your place then we will discount any future booking you make by 20% to cover this loss.


  • Your places are fully transferable to another person who meets the requirements of the course (age etc). If you find someone willing to take your place then this person should contact us immediately and must pay us for the place before you get your refund.
  • If you transfer your place then we will discount any future booking you make by 20%.

Schools and Groups Residential Camps and DofE (updated / improved terms in light of corona virus):

We are looking to be as flexible as possible with our clients in light of the current situation.   If you are considering cancelling your booking please contact us to discuss the following available options.

Cancellation by you

  • As a starting point, any payments still due or retained by the company will be based on the terms and conditions of your booking.  However, we are looking to be as flexible as possible with our clients in order to maintain good will, and we will be looking to offer each client improved cancellation terms and refunds wherever possible.
  • In light of your cancellation we hope that you are covered by insurance, as suggested in your client pack.
  • In the event of cancellation the minimum loss will unfortunately be the 20% deposit, or date holding deposit paid.
  • In the event of more than a 20% loss being due, we will calculate the true costs / losses in relation to the cancellation of your event, and reduce you cancellation fee accordingly.
  • Losses will be reduced further by making a future School Camp.
  • In the case of DofE and where multiple date bookings have been made, then we will look to use the Delay / Redesign options below rather than cancellation.
  • Please contact us to discuss your options.

Delay – Instead of cancellation you may request a delay of your event.

  • This option is only available with less than 30 days and more than 10 days notice.
  • The aim of this option is to ensure that students still get the opportunity and that deposits are not lost, in return for flexibility in the rescheduled event that allows us to absorb the costs and losses.

Redesign – Rather than cancel, you may wish to consider modifying it instead.  All changes are subject to availability, discussion and is this option is only available with more than 30 days notice.

  • This option is only offered in light of the Corona outbreak and is not part of our normal terms.
  • By moving the camp closer to or onto your school site your school, or doing day activity programmes.  This may help minimise the number of staff you have away from school at a given time, ease monitoring / quarantining and allow parents to collecting.
  • All changes are subject to availability and must be arranged with more than 30 days notice.
  • A redesign may actually reduce costs depending on details of the new event.

What if we have to cancel / change your event in advance?

If we are providing accommodation, food and an activities programme then your booking is very likely to be governed by the Package Travel regulations:


  • While this is not expected, if it does happen we will provide you with as much notice as possible.
  • You will receive a full refund.


  • We will provide you with the detail of any significant programme venue changes that are necessary.
  • If you are not happy with this, and we cannot agree on an alternative, then you may cancel and will receive a full refund.


  • In light of the nature of the cancellation being of a ‘Force Majeure’ nature and being out of our control, we do not consider that compensation will be claimable.

Working together to provide young people with the same opportunities regardless of the challenges.

In light of our desire to be flexible with you (outlined above) we request that you are flexible with us.

We hope that working together we can continue to provide the young people with whom we work the same learning and development opportunities that they would otherwise have had.