Feedback and Complaints Procedure

Information on your experience and the quality of our product is highly valued by both our instructors and management team.  We continually aim to improve our products and to ensure that each event is targeted to your needs year on year.  If you have an opinion on your experience that you are happy to share with us then please do not hesitate to get in contact.  Your feedback is often posted on our testimonials page that can be visited by clicking here.



Most comments and compliments will be made to staff on an informal basis, usually face to face or by telephone.

Compliments will be acknowledged in the format with which they were provided, verbal or written.

Where compliments mention particular staff members managers will ensure that relevant staff are promptly notified.



Although we are yet to receive a complaint, we recognise that sometimes things may go wrong, and you may feel disappointed.  If this has happened then we hope that you felt able to approach our staff at the time, and that this has already been rectified to the best of our ability.  The following policy will help you to take your concerns further should you wish to.

The companies complaints procedure is divided into 3 distinct stages:

  • Informal Stage
  • Formal Stage
  • Review Stage.

Informal Stage:

Complaints may be written, made by phone or in person.  The company will ensure the complaint is assessed and that changes to operational procedures are made if required.

Formal Stage:

A formal complaint must be made in written format, and submitted either by email or letter. If required the company will support the complainant in constructing a letter which should detail the desired outcome and relevant information.

The formal complaint will be acknowledged in writing indicating the timescale for a full response.

A formal letter of response will be sent to the complainant and where the complaint is upheld by the director, will involve a written apology and provide details of the changes to company policy made.

Review stage:

 If the complainant disagrees with the outcome of the investigation, the review stage can be requested.