Participants Equal Opportunities Policy


School Camp Ltd. is committed to working towards eradicating direct and indirect discrimination and ensuring equality of opportunity for all our clients. We recognise and embrace client diversity and aim to ensure equality of opportunity for all.  Our equal opportunities policy is designed to challenge discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, physical, sensory or mental disability, social class, age, religious belief or sexual orientation.



We aim to ensure that our events and activities reflect and meet the needs of all of our clients groups.

School Camp recognises that some clients may require us to make changes to our standard operation policies.  Examples include the wearing of religious headwear or jewellery.  Wherever possible we will be flexible with our procedures whilst ensuring safety requirements are met.

School camp is used to catering for dietary needs.  Students with special dietary needs, religious or otherwise, will be catered for when information is indicated in advance on their permission / medical form.

School Camp will strive to offer, wherever possible, access to specialist equipment in order to enable specific client groups to participate in adventurous activities.

School camp recognises that some clients needs will require increased staffing.  Whenever possible this will be provided at no extra cost enabling individuals to participate alongside their peers.

It is our company policy not to draw any attention to special arrangements or facilities provided for clients with specific needs.  This policy is designed not to draw extra attention to the individuals involved.

Our instructors will actively challenge discrimination and bullying and strive to provide an equal playing field enabling personal growth for all our clients.



It is important that our clients provide honest information regarding any special requirements and needs.  The company can only cater for needs that they are aware of before the event.

Due to the nature of the activities and outdoor venues, it may not always be possible to cater for all clients needs.  Please be assured that wherever this is the case School Camp staff will provide honest and frank information and suggest alternative activities.