Photograph Policy

Photographs may be taken by company employees to help you record your experiences with us. This is especially the case for water sports where we may be the only person with access to waterproof camera, in during activities where participants having cameras would compromise safety.

When photographs are being taken they will always be taken obviously and with the knowledge of the group. Individuals will therefore have to option to get out of the photo, or be able to request the image is deleted if they do not want to feature in the picture.

This policy refers to specific and general images. Example images providing clarity of these image types can be found at the bottom of this page.

Photographs during individual bookings:

Without your express permission then specific photos of individuals (from which they can be clearly identified) will not be publicly shared or used by the company in any way. Permission can be given by any participant over the age of 16.

Individuals will always have the option to request that their specific photo is not taken. This should be mentioned on arrival to the Event manager / activity instructor. Individuals should be aware that they may feature in general images taken at the event.

Photographs during group bookings:

All photographs taken of individuals who have attended as part of an organised youth group will be shared with the trip leader, after which any specific images of individuals will be deleted by the company. Once images are shared with the trip leader then they will assume responsibility for the use of the images in line with their own protection policies.

Trip leaders have the option to request that no photos are taken on their trip. This should be mentioned on arrival to the Event manager / activity instructor.

Storage of images:

Please be aware that images may be securely stored in a digital format for a period of time (6 months) in order to supply you with copies if requested.

Use of images by the company for promotion:

You will be specially asked for permission for specific facial images to be used by the company.

The following images are examples of general and specific photos in relation to this policy.

Examples of general images:


Examples of specific images: